Stuff you learn from watching bad TV

I am watching the worst 9/11 special ever.  It’s called “When Pop Culture Saved America” and it’s about how it affected celebrities… and their television programs.

Turns out the real heroes are Billy Ray Cyrus, Carson Daly, and soap operas.  I’ve been so misinformed for so many years.



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2 responses to “Stuff you learn from watching bad TV

  1. Barry

    Your article would be more aptly named. “Stuff You Won’t Learn From Reading Uninformed Internet Reviews By Incompetent Internet Reviewers!”

    While you say you were “watching” this special, your brain was most likely not receiving the message!

    The program was certainly NOT about “how it affected celebrities… and their television programs.”

    If your brain receptors were working correctly, or you in fact ACTUALLY WATCHED, you would have understood that the program was not about how celebrities were affected, it was about how Pop Culture as a whole, TV, Movies, theatre … the arts dealt with the aftermath of this tragedy, and how caring and thoughtful the people were in deciding when and how to get back to living our lives.

    You would have understood and comprehended the story about the cast & crew of “Third Watch” immediately donating their lights, fire truck, and other equipment to the relief at ground zero and offering food to the first responders!

    You would have absorbed the story about how the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond gave shelter and support to a single person who only minutes prior had barely escaped with his life after getting swallowed up in the crumbling debris of the falling towers!

    You would have reported how celebrities unselfishly helped raise tens of millions of dollars in immediate relief to the victims of this historic tragedy!

    CRITICS like you (and I use the term loosely as you apparently are NOT A CRITIC, but more of an egotistical, sarcastic, and uneducated blabbermouth with a bully pulpit) are unfortunately able to place your unwarranted and uninformed OPINIONS for the world to see because of the internet.

    Hopefully those who read your “CRITIQUE?” are smart enough to decide for themselves the worth of a program AFTER ACTUALLY WATCHING AND COMPREHENDING IT, and are not so small minded as to judge a book by it’s cover, or a TV show by it’s title.

  2. Elizzabeth

    Omg! I wanna watch the Barry show! It sounds like it would be totally crazy!

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