Uh Oh.

So, as some of you may know, I need a job.  The kind where I get an annual salary and health benefits (the hard to find kind).  And as I go along applying for jobs people keep asking me for my blog.  And I mean I have a blog (this one) but it’s not super appropriate for handing over to people I want to hire me.

Basically what this blog says about me is:

a. I have sort of a potty mouth.

b. I’m REALLY funny.

c. I often drink too much wine while watching the bachelor/ette.

So I’m not sure what to to do… do I hand this blog over to employers hoping that they only notice point b. or that they notice all the points but see them as a valuable part of point b?

OR do I have to just start some sort of blog where I sound more workplace appropriate and share little of my real personality and stifle my humor…

And yeah, yeah, I’m sure there’s an in between.  But I liked this blog being a little space where like 5 of my  friends came every so often to laugh about my fucked up neighbor.

And now I have to write a blog that shows employers that I spend a lot of time thinking about Hootsuite’s new analytics features (which I actually do, but it’s not as fun to write about as the guy I saw on the train this am eating oatmeal out of a hole he’d bitten in the corner of a Ziplock bag)



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