How often do you think about socks?  I personally think about them a lot… seriously, I do.  A few christmases ago I was gifted with about 30 pairs and it ranks up there with the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.

Anyway my neighborhood has a traveling sock salesman.  Anyone reading this that lives between 6th and 4th avenues anywhere from 9th to 16th streets definitely knows who I’m talking about.  It’s this little old guy that carries around a gigantic bag of gym socks.  Rain or shine, he trucks around park slope peddling his socks to anyone who will buy them.  The curious thing is, I’ve never EVER seen a single person buy them.

I’m just so curious what the market for street socks is?  How did he come up with the idea?  Was it like “Hey you know what I notice a lot of people needing on the fly? Socks!”  Was there once a large market socks in south slope and now that need has dwindled due to the economy?  I mean I just don’t get it.

However as somebody who is in desperate need of a job (can anyone out there hire me?) I admire his entrepreneurial spirit.  I makes me wonder if things get really bad, could I join the ranks of street peddlers?  He clearly makes some sort of living… maybe I could sell something more practical, like stockings?


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