I missed you. Oh you too!

home visits?  What is WRONG with these parents?  If I EVER said to my mom “hey i’m going on reality show to mee the love of my life will you meet him?”  I think my mom would rightly say ‘no.”  Just that.  No.  And you know who else would say no?  my dad. And you know who else?  my brother.  Like where on Earth do they find these horrid humans?

EVEN EVEN if a mother watched the show and loved it, wouldn’t a sense of maternal normalcy swing in and tell you to say to your child “NOOOOOOOOOO! This never works.”  Especially this crazy train Jake.  If I brought a Jake home my parents would just DIE.  And not a good death.  A ‘please boot him death’

Okay now I’m watching Alli (the blondy) try to leave…. Ooooh i’m torn, does she just want fame, or does she really like him?   I mean i think they are d.bags made in heaven.  Oooooooh oh my god she left.  I’m sure she returns next weekend.  Oh and I’m right about the “most dramatic finale ever’.  clearly she’s the one he chose.  I am no fool.  I’ve watched enough seasons to know that the fame whore always wins.

God.  This show.  Tinley?  Really?  “I only had sex with my husband and then he cheated”…. NO SHIT!  Nobody…. yo woman… nobody just sleeps with one person forever. “My ex husband never saw me dance the dance I had in my heart.”  Vomit.  Hahaha.

Oh. so terrible.  I’m horrified to admit this, but on Live! with Regis and Kelly they do a segment called Bad Regis where he plays an evil devil on the shoulder of the Bachelor…. and frankly its AMAZING.  They did a whole montage of her saying “I don’t want to talk about my husband” followed by husband comments with regis making snarky comments on the shoulder.  And then when she danced he was ON the dance floor going ‘you feel as awkward as we do? nobody wants to watch her dance”.  I’m sorry  Bad Regis RULES.

so this episode was horrible/amazing.  Alli is coming back and hopefully winning.  She’s the only person as cheesy and horrible as him so I’m assuming its just some network drama before she wins.  aaaaaaaaah bachelor… the worst/best show on TV


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  1. Adrienne

    You are hilarious. I don’t even watch the Bachelor and I’m highly amused by your posts. My only complaint is that you should write more often. xo

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