Why Is Network Television Ruining My Life?

So I know I’m one of five people that still watch network TV.  But I don’t have cable.  So that network TV also includes late night TV.  And guess what.  I actually watched Conan,  I’ll admit to switching to letterman for the sex scandal, but otherwise I’m legitimately team Coco.  Test me.  So first I deal with this NBC crap-ola.  Sad.

But then ABC goes and fucks with my Ugly Betty.  SHE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE HER BRACES OFF YET!!!  God.  And like, obvs I love the show.  But I love all the actors who were re-born because of it.  Vanessa Williams?  “just when i thought the chance had passed, you go and save the best for last”.  I’m pretty sure I slow danced (arms out, no butt touching) to that song at the 8th grade dance.  It brings back memories.  And Eric Mabius?  Who didn’t love the dollhouse?  And don’t get me started on Michael Urie and Beckie Newton… who weren’t really re-born but gathered mass appreciation due to this show.

I’m bummed.  Ugh.  Now I only have like 17 shows I really care about instead of 18.


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One response to “Why Is Network Television Ruining My Life?

  1. Christine

    I dont have cable so I’m’ right there with you, except I never got into Ugly Betty, but my mom did.

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