I’m Thrilled that Jake is the Man I Dreamed up in my Head

I had some serious problems day/episode 1 of this crappy bachelor.  I mean A:  Jake?  Really?  Give me a break!  B: All the sequins?  I maybe missed something, but are those back in?  C:  One is a 30 year old nanny?  One is an Entrepreneur?  Is that a job outside of The Real Housewives of New York/Atlanta/OC?  4:  I know they do an extensive questionnaire with the incoming bachelor/ette about what kind of person they are interested in, Jake (really?  I mean really?  He’s nuts/boring) clearly indicated he’s interested in retards, pretty retards.  These women are so stupid I can’t even stand it.  Yet I am.  Bachelor, damn you for crossing the line frome semi horrible/amazing to just plain horrible without blinking an eye.  First that damn bear and then my bachelor goes down the drain?  And I mean far down the drain.  The last few seasons it was minor shit.  This is major shit.  I’ll watch it.  But I’ll pretend I don’t.

UPDATE!  I don’t mind that girl hooking up with the camera man, cuz this dude is laaaaaaaaaaaame bears.

UPDATE! (expect more I guess):  Chicago makes a surprise appearance on a date.  I have serious beef with Chicago.  Those fuckers made me miss a train at Port Authority because they are… so cool they play at Port Authority mid day on a Wednesday?  Fine it fits, publicity whores play music for whores. great.


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One response to “I’m Thrilled that Jake is the Man I Dreamed up in my Head

  1. Christine

    you were ok with her hooking up with a staff person? wow. how about the fact that she randomly has a son at home but never mentioned it? they marketed the crap out of the fact that Ella had a son………..

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