It’s been a REAL long time.  Uh oh.  All ten of my fans are probably pissed.

Sorry.  I think the problem is I tried to tweet.  I know its quick and its cool, and pretty soon it will be the only way to know what people are doing.  but it totally paralyzed my need to communicate mundane facts about my life to complete strangers.   I already do that over facebook and this blog… and then I was supposed to TWEET about it?  NUH-UH.

So i’m done tweeting (or opening twitter and reading what Brooke Hogan is up to and then logging off, which is the only thing I used it for),  I’m just blogging.  Maybe I’ll tweet the link to this blog.  But that’s probably even too much for me.

Anyway… i also was thinking about something today as I walked through the streets in flip flops, baggy jeans and no umbrella in the pouring rain:  Why do homeless people always have better rain gear then me?  It’s not fair.  They are always prepared!  Not for snow… in the snow they never have shoes.  And not for summer either… i saw a guy outside my office in three sweatshirts and snowpants this summer.  But they are always ready for rain.   I find it strange.  And I’m going to get to the bottom of it.


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