Dear June,

Please don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.  Worst. Month. EVER!

I mean it wasn’t entirely terrible,  You did bring us the iPhone update and a few people I like were born within your days, I got to see Mollie and my dad, and ate steak at peter lugars… but even during those few monents of fun… IT FUCKING RAINED.  FYI, people don’t like rain, its depressing and wet and keeps us inside.  It makes people grumpy and they fight and they hate their jobs (even more).

And if the rain wasn’t depressing enough, you started killing people June, and that’s just morally wrong.  I was willing to overlook David Carradine but Farrah, Michael and Billy Mays all in 3 days.  That’s just psycho. And then, just when I thought it was over… you close Cafe Montmatre?  It’s fitting really, that you are the closing month for the place where i discovered  my summer drink (Pinot Grigio) so many years ago.   Way to try and fuck up summer.

I’m cc’ing July on this.  So July, be warned.  If you rain out any shows, kill any icons, or prevent me from bbqing I will come after you.


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One response to “Dear June,

  1. Christine

    you forgot Ed McMahon

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