This is My Coat

So I’m like, not a great dresser.  Jeans (currently ripped in the crotch and fuck yes I am at work), t.shirts (often black), flannels and hoodies.  That’s kind of it.  Like I’m not even a hipster, I”m too lazy to be a hipster.  It’s more like a ten year old boy… with boobs.   But I do have several items of clothing that I get compliments on.

Shockingly people usually like my dresses (I have fucking clue how this happened), my heels, and my jackets.  I have really good jackets, and vests for that matter.  Now I have this one Jacket, it’s so fucking cute.  Every time I wear it people are like “I love your jacket where’d you get it?!” (5 years ago, urban outfitters, thanks Lizz).  Unfortunately that all changes when I turn to walk away and people realize the pleat in the back has come to look like a HUGE VAGINA.  See for yourself:

gross coatI mean.  There’s just no mistakin it.  Vagina Coat.


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