This is NOT Okay With Me


Tina Fey, you and I are in a fight.  I mean I know it may seem from this blog that all I do is watch reality TV and homeless people, but I actually have normal interests, for example I love 30 Rock.  It’s one of the few healthy things I do for my brain.  Between the drinking, the lack of sleeping, the gossip reading, and the non-stimulating working I NEED to laugh at some good, quality, smart humor.

Alas, 30 Rock has not only deprived me of my weekly laugh it has also deprived me of my weekly one liners, my clever Facebook headlines, and my water cooler talk.  The show is taking a 7 month hiatus… supposedly to make room for new programming but probably to make us beg, plead, and cry for more.  Please, it won’t take 7 months.  The season finale was only last week and I’m already doing all of the above.  COME BACK.

“That’s a deal breaker ladies!”


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