I Finally Get It

I finally get it.  I finally understand these people that don’t touch anything on the train. I understand the woman who puts on her glove just to touch the pole, the man who would rather totter from side to side than touch anything, the parents snapping at their children for leaning their head against the train window…. and while it will NEVER cease to infuriate me, I even understand the ass holes that lean against the pole, taking up the entire thing, rather than touching it.

The other day on the train… there’s this total nut job wandering up and down the car asking for money.  He’s wasted, and teetering, and not bracing himself so with every step its like is this dude going to land on somebody?  Well one of the passengers fucking gives him a yogurt instead of money.  Are you g.damned kidding me?  I get giving him food… but yogurt with no spoon?  That a disservice to all New Yorkers (or at least those who ride the 2 train).  So loony toons starts trying to eat this yogurt, sans spoon.  he is unable to open it and hold on at the same time so he’s like falling all over the fucking place trying to get the yogurt open.  Upon getting it open he digs right in with his hand, missing his mouth as he tries to lick his fingers.  The train jerks and saliva yogurt covered hands to right on the pole.  This routine continued on until he exited the trian… he must have touched like five poles though as he stumbled around trying to eat that yogurt with his hands.  I almost vomited a little in my mouth.

Thanks to that moment holding onto the pole on the train, yogurt, and charity have all been ruined for me.


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