Dear Keith.

Yeah. You. I heard you think I’m a lazy bloggor.  While this statement is usually true, this time i was just on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas…  Beat that.


It’s hard to blog in Cabo for a few reasons

1. Its hard to type when only one hand is free, while the other holds a patio pour glass of wine, or champaign, or a margarita

2.  I don’t have to think about anything stressful like FAFSA applications, My job, familial arrests, or where bent over crack head is today…

… all i worry about it like,  will I see and whale?  What’s for lunch?  and why has the whole group refused me my annual easter trip to Cabo Wabo?

admittedly I did miss scott, but if I had blogged about that in Cabo I’d probably be getting made fun of prrrrrrrrrrrrrreeetty bad right about now.

I don’t know.  Maybe this is a question for Hall and Oates.  WWHOD if they HAD to blog while on vacation in Cabo san Lucas?  I’ll think and get back to you.

Also I wrote this entry hopped up on the adavan I take to ease my flying woes.  Forget not blogging DURING cabo… I clearly should not be blogging until these meds wear off.


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