Wow.  That new unsend button on google kind of rules.  When it launched I kind of thought, oh nice idea but will I ever really need to unsend something?  The answer:  so frequently.

I’m basically the best at speaking before I think, so I don’t know why I thought sending an email would be any different.  I totally send before I think.  You have no idea how many half finished, link missing, mis-spelled, mis-thought, or just plain pointless emails i have avoided sending since I started using it.  And replying to all when you I’ve only meant to reply to one is a thing of the past.   Outlook needs to get on this unsend shit.  It would alleviate a lot of my work stress.  Every time I send an email talking shit about a coworker I have a mini freak out that I accidentally sent it TO them.  Unsend would fix that two seconds of heart palpatations I experience.  I could also probably stop talking shit about the office over office email though…


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Filed under Computers are Saving my Life.

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