I Suck at This

God.  If Blogging was graded I’d have a huge fat F.  I suck at this.  Like I can’t keep up with posting.  I can’t even figure out how to time posts so that I can write a bunch at once and then have them go out each day so that it looks like I’m continually posting.  Stuff even happens that I want to blog about… and then I don’t.

How can a person be lazy about an extra curricular activity that they CHOSE?  I mean that’s just sort of pathetic don’t you think?  An example of how lazy I am… I saw something that RULED the other day.  I saw bent over dude with an Urban Outfitters bag, just bent over with the bag hanging from his shoulder…  AND I DIDN’T BLOG ABOUT THAT.  That’s fucked up.  That’s really fucked up.

okay i’m going outside now.  I swear I’ll come back with something good.  Or as Joel would say, Gud.


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