Live Blogging Hall and Oates on DWTS

First I would like to clarify that I don’t watch this shit.  I sometimes enjoy highlights of Steve Wozniak dancing… but I don’t watch it.  It rivals the Biggest Loser time-wise and I spend every Tuesday night crying over that shit.

But  Hall and Oates is on DWTS (thanks for the heads up A) so I will not be missing this.  Jen and I are flipping now between channels and this is hard for me.  I mean, on Biggest Loser they are choosing who they want to train them til the end of the show, but any minute H and O could be on.

It’s ON!  Wow dude.  Daryl got fat!  just fat face and his voice sounds like crap.  WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!  There’s no fan blowing the locks.  God Dancing With the Stars ruins everything.  It already ruined Holly Madison and Melissa from the Bachelor for me (well nothing could ruin Holly but I’m not happy with her choice to be on this piece of crap).

And why aren’t they showing them the entire time?  It’s just the dancers.   Okay, okay, its over.  Jen pointed out they just look pissed to be there.  They got booked for this shit and are PISSED.  I smell a fired agent somewhere.

I’m glad its over.  They may not have rehearsed enough for The Daily Show but they were happy to be there, on point, smiling, laughing… giving it to the crowd the way they give it to their fans.  This was wet noodle Hall and Oates.

Back to biggest loser.  Hall and Oates should play on Biggest Loser.  Maybe when the contestants go home and are being tested on whether or not they can keep to the diet and exercise regimine the big H to the O could come sing Private Eyes… or when somebody gets voted off, how about “Every Time You Go Away”?  Or even BETTER… when confronted with bad food, “I Can’t Go For That”.  Somebody get my boys on the phone.  Biggest Loser live show!



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2 responses to “Live Blogging Hall and Oates on DWTS

  1. A

    I’m in love with Wozniak! Fate played a big part in this whole thing b/c until yesterday I had never seen a second of DWTS. Basically I saw it long enough to hear the H&O announcement (right after we got off the phone). Destiny.

  2. nadnerb

    found this show on Art Decade, thought you’d dig it:

    September 19, 1980
    Orpheum Theater

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