Ask and Ye Shall Recieve.

So.  I saw the bent over dude yesterday.  I was out getting my Shamrock Shake (Milkshake order of awesomeness:  Wendy’s Frosty, McD’s Eggnog Shake, McD’s Shamrock Shake) and I saw this guy walking towards me, clearly a crack head… but a relatively snazzy one.  I’d noticed him with bent over dude the first time I saw him.  He was the friend concerned about the exposed ass crack.  Anyway right along with him was my guy!  He was walking… so now I know how he does it.  Still bent at the waist, but 90 degree angle style, so I could see his face.  It’s not that red but WOW does he have some bug eyes.

I was pretty excited about the whole thing til my coworker told me he probably had some spinal disease.  I thought he was just cracked out.  No.  He’s cracked out still but with a disease any normal person could get?  Ugh.  That makes his behavior so much less… interesting and then the disease part is sad.

I also think I was mauled by some 17 year old drunks in green clothes yesterday.  I know I was mauled and I know they were drunk, I just think they were 17… but they could have been 21.  I can’t really tell anymore.


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One response to “Ask and Ye Shall Recieve.

  1. okay ellie,
    first of all, i think i know the crack head to whom you are referring.
    secondly: i am wondering about your criteria in ranking these shakes? the shamrock is amazing, I think better than the eggnog, while the frosty is totally great to eat everyday. if i had a shamrock everyday i would get really fat, and really ill.
    so its tough, you know

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