Uh oh.

So its been awhile since I posted, basically because I use this blog to air my woes and I haven’t really had any woes lately.  My Life (beta) seems to be working a little better.  I still haven’t figured out how a person pays for grad school but at least I figured out how to get in.  I’m enjoying it now… immensely… but I’m not looking forward to the launch of My Budget (beta).

I also have to say THANK GOD that this is all happening as all my shows are ending (or could my life be beginning because they ended, hmmm).  Top Chef came to anti climactic ending, Girls Next Door (r.i.p.) came to a tearful ending, Tool Academy came to a… wait I don’t watch that show really… but it ended, we know how I feel about The Bachelor ending, and Rock of Love bus hasn’t technically ended but it ended form me when Ashley got voted off.

All that’s left are wholesom food shows and Celebrity Apprentice which I only became addicted to through peer pressure.  This is good.  Very good.  I mean this weekend instead of talking about hating my job… I talked about my future!  Did you guys know I had one of those?  It’s NUTS!  Unfortunately I don’t know how to happy blog yet.  I was getting so good at the bitter blog.  I’ll figure it out.  I’m just getting into this.

I’m pretty sure that figuring out the real cost of grad school will frustrate the crap out of me pretty quickly.  So I’m sure I can bitch about that  a lot.  Also I haven’t seen the bent over crack head at all which means one of two things A.  He went back to Jersey or B. he’s standing up now and I don’t recognize him.


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