Beta Version

I think I’m living my life in beta right now.  My Life (beta).  I guess its fine, its more interesting without all the kinks worked out, but I wish I had a team of google experts working on all my technical difficulties.

My Relationship (beta) would be handled by a top tier group of google programmers… the same ones who invented  Mail Goggles.  The idea behind Mail Goggles is that when you get home after a few beers and feel like emailing your ex about how much you love/miss him, Mail Goggles will force you to figure out complex math equations before you can send emails to pre-determined addresses.  Clearly they’re on to something here, unfortunately I need to do more than stop sending mail I’ll later regret.  The main flaw in My Relationship (beta) is that I need to stop getting in to relationships I’ll later regret.  I think I should probably be forced to figure out a complex math equation before even looking at a boy.  And before I decide to marry, or god forbid reproduce, I should probably have to disprove Einstein’s theory of reletivity.

I would also like to have Google’s Tasks Team work on My Life (beta).  For example, I think the Tasks Team would probably be able to fix the flaw that has me writing this blog instead of finishing up a few articles I have to turn in for work.  Google’s task team probably also would have me doing laundry tonight instead of watching Top Chef.

Finally My Job (beta).  Well that one I don’t need google to fix and I don’t even need to wonder WWHOD.  I think its pretty cut and dry.

UPDATE: Those of you who read my blog will note this post has been changed some.  I’m slowly figuring out this blog thing and am realizing I should watch a. talking about work and b. making snarky comments about serious issues that other people might not find so amusing.


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