Since I’m still finding a voice for this blog (hahaha, voice for this blog… like it’ll ever be anything more than me complaining about my job or commenting on free food) my friend suggested that I make the What Would Hall and Oates Do idea a regular theme.  Because really, WHAT WOULD THEY DO?!  I need to know the answer to that question A LOT.

So today, I want to know WWHOD if  they were stuck in a freezing cold office when they already have a cold.  I can speculate that this would be a problem for Daryl for sure.   He seems to rely on a fan to keep his luscious locks constantly blowing and its waaaaaaaaay too cold in here for that.  I think John would be fine though.  He seems sort of fuzzy and warm all the time, and he’s got all that hair.  Also I don’t think they’d follow the norms of office culture so I imagine they’d just go home.  Perhaps I can do that.  And when my boss expresses distaste with this decision I can just flash my WWHOD bracelet.  Respect beeyotch.

I dunno.  That’s what I’ve got for today.  And if any of you would like to speculate please do so.  Also feel free to approach me about guest blogging on this topic.


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  1. spamcarnival

    I think this is a brilliant idea.

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