That’s what my life is. Well no, that’s not fair, its only what my life is from 9-5.  Anyway, I’ve really become obsessed with reality TV I think because I can’t afford to live my own life and as a result of this, feel the constant need to escape from it. The sadder side of this new obsession finds me crying at the Biggest Loser every Tuesday and REALLY caring about who wins the Bachelor (Melissa) but the more acceptable manifestation of the addiction is my new found love of all shows food related.

Last night my roommate and I watched Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, during which he took viewers on a tour of some of New York’s oldest and most classic eateries.  It was kind of amazing, in part because it reminded me of why I moved here… but also because the overpriced menus reminded me of why I need to leave here.   On one end, we’re seeing these amazing old representations of the cultural and financial diversity that once made up this city and on the other hand we’re seeing that there’s only like, five of these establishments left and in order to survive most have learned to cater to the dominent group in this city… the rich.

I finished the show salivating at the mouth not just for the financial ability to explore the city in such a manner but also for the delicious food.  Realizing my only meal option was Ramen noodles,  I did what I always do in moments of splurge or starve… I went to bed.

Screw you New York.


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